Nodes go haywire after rotating project in Carbide create

If I design a project in Carbide Create rotate it the nodes do not behave the way the should. I can click on a node to move it and it moves opposite the direction of the mouse! It’s kinda crazy and confusing lol.

Another great feature I would like to see other than a ruler, is a way to add our own creations to the library. That way we can save custom carvings in the library to add quickly to new projects.

Thanks for all the work you guys do! Still loving my Shapoko 3! I will post some pictures of a project I did for my wife for Christmas soon!

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Have you updated to the most recent build?

If so, please send any such problem files to along with clear instructions for re-creating the problem, as well as the specifics of your computer / OS setup.

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OK sent an email. Thanks

I updated my post to reflect my latest findings.