Noise Containment/Reduction?

What do you do to minimize the noise coming out of the Nomad 883 Pro? I cut plastics, carbon fiber (under water), and aluminum, and usually find myself limiting the feedrate and DOC so the noise is tolerable.

Interested to know what kind of surface people put the machine on, custom enclosures, and such.

Avoiding slotting helps, and I put the machine on a yoga mat on top of a mat of glued together pegboard with rubber isolators under the table legs.

I’d like to replace the pegboard with a stone slab to further try to reduce vibrations.


Anti static mat with a little bit of give. Also hitting the ‘right’ speeds and feeds actually brings the noise down as well. But yeah I have to admit I try to avoid annoying the neighbors late at night - I save the shop vacuum cleanup for the day.


this is one of the best I have seen so far, while being compact;

a thick mat below, and sound deadening around all sides will make a noticeable impact over the stock enclosure. anything that can noticeably vibrate or rattle should be removed (the stock lid).


@PaulAlfaro Thank you for the link. I remember seeing some of the designs before, but couldn’t locate them by search. Gave me more than a few ideas and points out some obvious flaws in my current setup.

Living in an apartment, so I try to minimize the noise as well. Although both the AC and the dishwasher is probably similarly loud, I feel like the whirring might be more of an annoyance.

I use a 3mm thick sheet of cork. It helps somewhat with the vibration/noise, but is primarily there to make cleaning under the machine easier.

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Forgot to mention, I noticed the noise is significantly louder when the machine is only moving on either X axis or Y axis. Much quieter when moving diagonally. What is this a symptom of?

haven’t noticed but i’d guess it’s some of the harmonics canceling out the other.

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