Nomad 3 bogging down


I’m running a job on aluminum and despite very cautious settings (DOC .0075) the end mill is grabbing the metal and stopping and getting g dragged around. It seemed like it wasn’t getting enough power because the LEDs flickered so I switched to direct power instead of battery backup. Didn’t help. I increase the spindle speed from 9200 to 12000, then 16000 all with the same result. Any ideas?

More details needed. Can you share what cutter you’re using as well as what feedrate? Have you tried the defaults in Carbide Create?

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Using the suggested speeds and feeds from Carbide, 8 inch feed, 1 inch plunge. Square end mill. These settings are working fine on the shapeko with the same job (with the machine changed) right now. Seems to be a power issue with the spindle.

Are you using the Nomad 3 feeds and speeds for a #102 in aluminum?

Is the endmill in good shape?

Which alloy? The defaults work well in 6061.

I’ll try upping the rpm’s to 24k. It’s a new 1/4” end mill and 6061 aluminum. I was using the settings from a carbide3d pdf… I report back. Thx

The Nomad isn’t suited to using 1/4" tooling in harder materials and there are not Carbide 3D feeds and speeds for 1/4" tooling in the Nomad for aluminum.

Please try a #102 (1/8") instead.

Ahh, that explains it. It seemed like it had all the speed it needed, but no torque to back it up.