Nomad 3 info, plus something else

I would be happy with that… would give me space for a 4th axis up the side…


I wonder if they will be selling the XCarve Pro Spindle and VFD?
Would be nice to put on my XXL

The Nomad 883 spindle wasn’t available separately, I doubt the Nomad 3 spindle will be — check in at for an actual answer though.

Will preorder information be announced today? Mainly what time does it start on Thursday (and timezone) and what all options are available to pick (router included or no router included options).

I interpreted the question as referring to the spindle and vfd from the XCarve Pro mentioned earlier.

An official c3d vfd spindle would be a great addition to the Shapeoko line, however.

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I was referring to the XCarve Pro Spindle and VFD

I agree… If Carbide 3D made a spindle upgrade attachment (“HDS” Heavy Duty Spindle), similar to how they market the HDZ, I bet they would have large interest.

Many people that purchase these type of machines are probably scared to get an aftermarket 2.2kW spindle and VFD. A plug and play solution designed by Carbide 3D would probably fit a market niche very nicely, as does the HDZ.



Kind of mystified as to why they chose to limit themselves to ER-11 collets and no greater than 8mm (or 5/16") tooling.

I’d really like to see a spindle which is:

  • optimized to a 110V circuit (it would be okay if it required a dedicated 20 amp outlet/circuit)
  • has a larger collet such as ER-16 or ER-20
  • has a quick-change mechanism

When I get a dedicated workshop I’m definitely going for a 220V outlet to accommodate something like to: — if they’d just do that in 110V, I’d buy one.


Will preorder information be posted today? I want to be prepared.

The blog post said Oct 15th
But you could send an email to to check.

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Correct, we’re aware of the date the preorders would start, I was inquiring about what time and timezone it would start in addition to if there would be options of selecting no router or router included for the Shapeoko Pro.

I imagine them selling out in minutes, so want to have a heads-up :slight_smile:

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Ah, right, sorry, I read that too fast. Definitely contact sales then for a definitive answer

The quick change is the expensive toy on your Christmas list there :wink:

But as for the rest, the bulk manufactured spindles with ER20 are 2.2kW but that doesn’t mean you have to be able to drive all that current. As I understand it, when the VFD runs out of delivery current capacity that presents a torque limit for the motor and it effectively stalls away from the drive RPM causing the VFD to detect and try to recover. One would imagine that with a reasonable order volume somebody like HuanYang or Delta would be able to provide a 110V input drive with a firmware configured current limit for the machine. We know that drives with step-up input stages to drive 220V three phase off 110V input are already in volume manufacturing.

The other option would be to see what order volume is required for G Penny or similar to fit an ER20 collet onto the 1.5kW 110V motor.

Neither of these things make sense for an individual, but for a vendor…


That and running a 220V line, or at least sourcing a 220V extension cord from the laundry room to where the Shapeoko Pro will get set up.


The AMB (Kress) 1050 FME-U DI alternative uses ER-16 collets and is available in a 110V version according to the manual. It shouldn’t draw more than 11A, so you shouldn’t need a separate circuit for it (if you can find one) or a 230V step-up transformer.

Unlike the standard types, apparently there’s no info on runout for either type.

OOPs Damen CNC says the Mafell’s “Concentricity of <0,10mm at a distance of 25mm”. Mafell claims to be 6 dBA quieter than the Kress (10 dB quieter would seem half as loud).

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I have the FME 1050 normal version and whilst it’s a perfectly OK plunge router / spindle, the dentist drill noise drove me insane. A couple more months of that noise and I’d have been caretaking the Overlook hotel for the winter.


@Julien @Luke I emailed sales@carbide yesterday in regard to preorder information for the Shapeoko Pro, but haven’t received a reply.

What did you want to know?


@Luke See my quoted earlier reply above.

I believe PDT and I think we will have a no router option like we do for the shapeoko.