Nomad 3 milling of metals

Milling metals, even aluminum, but especially ferrous metals is expecting a lot from the Nomad 3. It’s lack of rigidity and lack of the vibration/chatter dampening qualities of cast iron makes it marginally suited for milling afore mentioned metals. I will be using mine for engraving pistols and making custom wooden pistol grip panels.

The Nomad can mill metals if you keep your expectations in check.

The Nomad 3 in particular should be fantastic for milling small workpieces, stuff like coins, medals, stamps or branding irons. You could, for example, use it to mill out a brass inlay to embed in a pistol grip.

If you expect to hog out large mechanical parts with it (like I did), you’ll be disappointed though for sure. It can do it but it takes forever and it lacks such exotic features as chip evacuation or any easy way of cleaning chips up later.


Alright Carbid3D you have a wishlist for Nomad 4 starting.

Cast iron isn’t really needed when cutting forces should rarely exceed to 10 pounds on a machine like this.

Sprung antibacklash lead screw nuts can be “:interesting” to tune and run happy. Imo end mill geometry and correct feeds/speeds play a huge part in desktop machining.


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