Nomad 3 security door

No safety lectures please. I’m looking for a way to disable the safety door on the nomad 3. I need to get in there with a vacuum while it’s running to suck up foam that wraps around the cutter.

My speeds and feeds work well and I’m using an adaptive strategy that prevents long strings but I’m using a small end mill and doing small slots so the tangle potential is very high. I just need to suck up the chips.

Didn’t you get a safety interlock key?

If not, let us know at

Doesn’t look like it. I’ll email support. Thanks.

Definitely can do it. If you need to defeat it ASAP just get a little refrigerator magnet or something and stick it to the sensor!

(I do not recommend disclaimers apply don’t be like me etc etc)

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I absolutely love it! What vice and base plate is that? It sort of looks like a Pierson modular vice.

It’s a Saunders machine works plate with their 1/4" or 6mm Modvise depending on users choice of metric or imperial


@Able has you covered with answers!

I highly recommend the smw system. I just chewed through like 6 feet of 1/2” walnut (3 foot boards). The vise has teeth and a lip that lets you place stock reliably and quickly. If you’ve got the scratch it is a life improvement for sure! Also lets you confidently hang 2 feet of hardwood out of the machine and just send it with minimal waste and no pre processing time

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