Nomad 3 shuts down when spindle starts

I’ve reached out to the excellent Carbide 3D support already but I thought I’d see if someone here has an idea.

First, my Nomad 3 is in the workshop on our boat. So, the first thing I did was to ensure sufficient power was there – which, given we run our watermaker, microwave, oven, air conditioners, laptops, TVs, fridges, and freezers… shouldn’t be an issue. Everything seems okay. Voltage is there. We have a 4,000-watt inverter and a 16.5kwh generator.

I tried to get going on my first project, and when I loaded the G-code and started the job, everything looked fine until the spindle started – then the Nomad 3 just shut down and started again. I can reproduce the issue by going to “jog” and start the spindle there. Same thing, shut down for a second.

Any ideas?

An idea
At work, we used a 7 kwh generator feeding a 5 kwh inverter, all worked well.
Then we changed to a 15 kwh inverter feeding the same 5 kwh inverter, nothing but problems. Our Nomad and Shapeoko power supplies are inverters. I would try shutting off your 4,000-watt inverter and getting your power off your 16.5kwh generator as a quick test.

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Make sure the door isn’t popping open. I had issues like this at first, and assumed I had a comms error over USB. Turns out that the door was just swinging away from the magnet, and the safety interlock kicked in. Only happened when the spindle started, and the vibration was enough to jostle the door free.

A 1" binder clip on the right wall just in front of the sensor works well to hold the door shut.