Nomad 3 tool tray starter project, remixed

I’m completely new to CNC milling and also to CAD and vector graphics. While waiting for the Nomad 3 to ship, I got busy learning inkscape and FreeCAD. Once my Nomad 3 arrived and I found the surprise BitZero v2 in the box, I realized the beginner tool tray video from Winston that I carefully studied would have to be modified. This is the result just after vacuuming it:

I followed Winston’s advice and used the Amana 46200-K downcut mill which yielded a very clean surface finish; no sanding required. I also put the plastic fan on the collet nut which helped keep the pockets cleaner while using the downcut mill.

Here is what my tool tray looks like populated:

Just in case this could be useful to others, here’s the svg file that I created and imported into Carbide Create. Pockets and Contours were done just like the original tool tray instructions.
Bamboo Tray remix


If I were to redo this project again, I’d make one of the lower channels wider so both wrenches would go into a single channel together as I always use them as a pair. Then make the other channel to fit the allen wrench used for securing the waste board.

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Really nice!

I made a much less refined version of this sort of thing.

For the wrenches, I decided not to make grooves or a tray, but instead left it it flat and put two 6mm holes per wrench, and then glued a magnet in each hole. This keeps them in place on a flat surface. I found this easier to grab and replace than digging them out of a recessed tray.

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This is my effort for my XXL:

There’s also a cut underneath so the tray slides on the sides of the drawer.

I chose to lay the bits down so I don’t knock them into a hiding place and I’ve done a separate one for the clamps :slight_smile: !

I’m a bit jeaous you’ve got the v2 BitZero already, though :nauseated_face:


Very nice work!
How did you get the contours of the wrenches so exact? Lot’s of measuring, or is there another trick?

I’ve been trying to get folks to share wrench/tool outlines at:


Tracing of Makita RT0701/0700 collet wrenches:

That is a good “trick”, thank you. My mind is already thinking how to use this :slight_smile:

Nope. I scanned them, imported the images into CC, scaled them, then did a lot of ‘tweaking’ to get the shape correct - and a lot of help from @WillAdams!

Here are the *.svg files

Or would be, if I knew how! (4.1 KB)

Ah, there they are!

Feel free to upload them to outlines page, @WillAdams


Added a link back to them.

Now we just need someone to do the DeWalt wrenches and the new Nomad 3 ones (are they from Maritool?)

I did the old Nomad wrenches at:

I’m not sure if the “new” Nomad 3 wrenches changed? The spindle retaining wrench I received with my Nomad 3 is quite loose with ~2mm of slop in it. It works, just.

Please let us know about that at — do you have calipers? Please measure both the wrench and the flat on the shaft.

I just bought:

which is

and the fit is very tight on the ER-11 spindle I’m currently testing.

Sure Will, I’ve emailed support regarding my oversized spindle wrench.
I do have good set of digital calipers.
Spindle shaft flats are 12.0mm apart
Spindle wrench throat is 13.3mm wide

For comparison, the collet nut is 17.1mm wide and the wrench is 17.4mm wide.
I measured both wrenches at the flat of the throat opening. The bottom of the wrench throat tapered down 0.1mm from the top measurement on both wrenches.


Is that plastic fan part of the Nomad 3 package?

Yes it is. You should find 1.5" dia. x 0.25" black plastic fan disk inside the main box I think under the bamboo board and by the double sided tape.

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Thanks for posting this! I did a slight remix for the endmill holders I have and love it. A nice utilitarian improvement :slight_smile: