Nomad 7075 Aluminum

Hey guys, so I’m a complete newbie to machining but I’ve been watching Winston Moys channel for a while now.

I was wondering if it would be possible to mill 7075 Al with the Nomad. And what end mill, feeds and speeds you would reccomend. Thanks for any advice!

Should be able to without much fuss;

I’d do some practice in cheaper 6061 scraps if you can being new to it all - and proofing out your toolpaths.

There’s mention here; Anyone Machined 7075-T6 on a Nomad?

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7075 is a stronger alloy than 6061, and as such you should scale back speeds and feeds accordingly. Anywhere from 25-50% reduction in depth of cut vs 6061 to keep things happy until you gain more confidence in your cutting recipe.


Thanks so much Winston! Love your videos by the way. I’ve been watching you nonstop for days lmao

Thanks for the advice. I’ll probably start out with 6061 like you suggested and see what works there. And I’ll take Winston’s advice and dial feeds and speeds back about 30% from there

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