Nomad 883 as a stand alone Business?

I wanted to see what you guys think as using the Nomad 883 as a tool for a small business. Like mold making to wooden jewelry designing, and custom acrylic parts. My big questions is I know the Nomad can do it, just is the time it will take be worth the cost? I have see it mostly pushed as a design prototype, not for production.

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I’ve done some decent volume of wooden baby teethers and rattles… Just made 70 teethers for a local baby store actually. But it’s more of a passion project since the hand sanding and beeswax finish takes so much time after the shapes are cut out.

I have also done some custom engraving on wood - there is some decent margin there actually, assuming you’re not spending too much time developing the file before the cut.

I think if you could run the machine and sell what comes out, with little to no hand finishing, you’d have something there. So far, my experience with the nomad is that it’s a little workhorse.


Thanks Darren for the input.