Nomad 883 Dimensions

At one time I saw the Nomad dimensions on the Carbide3D web site, I cannot find that info today.

What are the outside dimensions of the footprint, and the height of the Nomad? When the acrylic
door opens how much space above the top of the machine does it require?

I also heard it helps with noise if you place it on a rubber mat, or something similar. Does anyone have
experience with that?

Hi Steve,

In terms of noise reduction, i used door sealant weather strips that i attached to the acrylic door on all sides. That cut down the noise a lot i feel. I also placed some rubber Mats underneath (these are the ones i bought from Amazon), they also reduce the vibration on my table.

The Nomad is about 18 inches wide, 16.5 inches tall, and about 21 deep (including the protruding fan in the back).



Thanks for the info!

I am busy creating a place in the office to put the Nomad, as it arrives soon. It looks like it is going to
fit alongside the Replicator2 just fine. The weather strips on the acrylic door sides sounds like an interesting idea.

Digging through the parts bin to find a surge protector and a USB mux.

When I get the space set up I need to design some test parts to make when the machine arrives.

I cut a chunk out of an old foam yoga mat to put mine on :smile_cat:

It sits on a drawer unit next to my desk in my home office.

The benefit of it being larger than the nomad by an inch or two on all sides is that I can pick the nomad up and have my wife vacuum under it on the mat where the chips have collected, and then when I put it back down I don’t have to be too careful with re-aligning it to keep it on the mat.

Would someone mind posting the dimensions (l/w/h) of the aluminium block that holds the spindle for me? I am likely one of the very last Nomads to be delivered and would like to fab a bracket before its arrival.

inches or mm are fine, though mm would be preferable.

These are the dimensions I’m looking for:



25mm tall, 102 wide, 50mm deep


Perfect. Thank you very much Rob.
This will take my mind off gazing out the window waiting for the courier to arrive with a big box :smile:

take care,