Nomad 883 for sale (Bought a Nomad 3!) Pennsylvania but will ship

Wanted to throw this out there; got a used Nomad 883, and loved it so much I ordered a Nomad 3, which should be here next Tuesday! (Only got the 3 because I am doing aluminum, and wanted to cut the time down some, the 883 worked great just slow). I am willing to sell Nomad 883 cheap, hoping to hook someone else up! $1000 OBO plus shipping; just trying to get back some of what I paid! Located in Southern Pennsylvania

Willing to work with price if anyone is interested!

Pictures here;

I’m definitely interested. How can I contact you?

Sorry for the delay, crazy busy. I will get back to you ASAP

What’s the difference between the Nomad 883 and the Nomad 883 Pro?

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