Nomad 883: Need someone to create CAM file(s)

We have zero CNC machine experience, and I don’t really have the time to learn right now, so I have two “tasks” to give away, and I’m willing to pay. This applies to the 883 Pro that is heading our way:

Task #1 is to build a jig that will hold 10 identical finished parts. This jig will be 8" by 8" and is to be mounted on the 883’s table. If you have an 883 you should be able to machine the jig.

Task #2 is to create a CAM file that will cut a slot into each of the 10 parts that are loaded into the jig. Each part gets one slot, and the slots are identical.

If you’re interested, further details are available, send email to

If no one wants to do this, I’d be glad to work it up as a tutorial.

What format are the parts defined in?

I for one would love to see a tutorial on this! :pray:

I’m looking to do something very similar, so I would be very interested also

@bdl99 & @memotronics — if you want to provide a sample file, send it to me via e-mail at — make certain that it’s something which you don’t mind being public, and I’ll work up whichever one arrives in my e-mail first.

There are two ways to go about this, one in a CAM program, the other by stitching together a G-code file w/ some move and re-zeroing instructions. I could do both.

Thanks for the offer. My parts are something that I would rather keep from being too public. I was hoping more to be able to follow along. I have been playing with Carbide Create with some advice from Apollo and about ready to take the plunge and order a 883 pro.