Nomad 883 Pro - any pictures or specs for this machine yet?

Ordered one tonight. Rob being honest in his post about the reason for the “Pro” change gave me a lot of confidence in the integrity of this team.

I think I’m becoming a maker addict. I’ve been through six 3D printers in three years, just ordered a laser earlier this week and now a desktop CNC. The technology getting to the point where we can focus on the projects and not on the machines which has made creating so much cheaper, easier and more enjoyable than it was just 3 years ago.

I have a knee mill that I bought and paid for with some plastic machining/assembly work I did about 10 years ago. Its come in handy many times but there’s just nothing like a CNC mill that can machine 2d profiles without sucking my time and 3D profiles that can’t be made accurately any other way. I’m really looking forward to putting this little mill through its paces.


Thanks for the vote of confidence @Tshulthise, we hope you like it.

Before starting Carbide 3D, Jorge and I did product development work and had a shop with a CNC mill, light-industrial 3D printer, and Epilog laser. With those three, there’s nothing you can’t build. You’ll enjoy the combination.


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given how many of my spindle carriage wires have failed due to carriage movement, that cable carrier seems like a good upgrade. is that retrofittable to non-pro nomads?

It’s not retrofittable, we had to move things around to make it fit, but it’s mainly there to cut down on the wire prep we’ve been doing. To reduce wire failure, and we’ve been doing this for a few months now, we tie the wires down with a zip tie to the metal plate so the solder joints in the motors are no longer the failure points.

For the “Classic” machines, we were just using an adhesive zip tip mount to do this. If you’re interested, shoot Jorge and email and he might have a photo to share. I’d post a photo but we’ve loaned out every working Nomad we have so I don’t have anything to take a picture of.


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email him at support?

That’s probably the best way.


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When will Carbide Create be available to all?. Is it already?.

Carbide Create is still in private beta.

It should move to open beta in the near future.