Nomad 883 Pro Blinking Power Button/Won't Connect


Yesterday I received my Nomad 883 in the mail and immediately set it up. I was able to get it connected at first; it successfully completed homing and the tool length measurement stage of a job I sent it. However, the spindle would not turn on once the job got started. I tried sending an M3S1000 command but it still wouldn’t run, just a small twitch of the endmill and then a low hum. I gave it a rest for a day (I also reached out to support but haven’t yet been able to establish contact with the tech team - I think they might contact me later this week?) and came back today to find that now the Nomad won’t power on – when I press the power button, the power button’s light begins blinking on and off and in Carbide Motion I get “GRBL ERROR: Cutter not found.” Would anyone happen to have any idea of what’s happening? Thanks in advance for any help!

This ticket is open, and we note having called. Please check in on the ticket and make sure we have the right phone number and provide this additional information — we’ll get it taken care of as quickly as we can.

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Thanks for your reply, Will!

Just wanted to give an update - got in touch with support (who were very helpful!), and was shipped a new controller board as well as a new power supply. Unfortunately on startup, the new board stalled on homing and now won’t turn on with either of my power supplies. I went back through hooking it up again and making sure all connections were correct and secure, but still no luck. Sent a quick email to support just now; holding out hope for a solution!

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