Nomad 883 Pro cutting area?

just want to check that that 8" x 8" is the max cutting area?

I really need to get to 9" x 8" to get a part I am making to make it a worthwhile purchase.


8x8 is it. There are techniques you can use to do the piece in two sections, but it’s pretty tricky to get things to move side to side and register perfectly. I made something that was 10" long and never managed to line it up exactly right, despite a LOT of effort.

Maybe a shapeoko is a better choice?

@MrHume is correct, the work volume of the Nomad 883 Pro is 8 x 8 x 3 inches (X x Y x Z).

That said, if one is making a part of a certain size one must also have space for their fixtures. That is true in in X, Y and Z.