Nomad 883 Pro for SALE in the EU!


I’m selling a Nomad 883 Pro. Barely used for 5-7 hours.

Great accuracy but it ends up that I’m not patient enough to deal with it.

There are TONS of accessories that comes with it. I’m selling it ALL together, not selling the machine alone, however I can sell accessories individually if I’m requested.

4x DLC coated endmills cost 50€ a piece.
5+ generic Chinese endmill for wood and aluminum
2 collets for 6mm and 4mm with 5 microns accuracy (retail is 40€ for both)
2 SEALED collets for 6mm and 4mm with 5 microns accuracy (retail is 120€ for both)
2 collets for 1/4" and 1/8" those one are from Carbide 3D

Special Harvey tool endmill (Single tooth threadmill, round corner endmill…) (retail is about 200€ as I remind)

Flip Jig
Clamp Vise
Threaded Table
Stock wasteboard (used a bit but you can surface it)
Nomad stock tools
Stock replacement aluminum plate

Aquarium Pump (Retail is 100€)

There are a hole of 13cm diameter on the left side of the enclosure as I was planning to add it an HEPA filter with a fan, but I didn’t do it, so there’s just a hole.

I added a MQL system for throwing small amounts of lubrication for milling aluminum. The small brown thing you see is a regulator used for regulating flowrate of perfusion.
The pump that comes with it is strong enough to push swarfs around without making a tempest and causing the swarfs to go into the rods and electronics.

I might have forgotten to mention some stuffs.

Importing the machine ALONE with no accessories into the EU is 3000€.
I’m asking 3300€ for it all. Does not include shipping fees.

For questions don’t hesitate to send a PM.

Good to see photos of your air and MQL system! I have to admit it takes quite a bit of time/patience to design and push out quality parts so you need to have copious free time or something driving you hard. Sorry to see you go!!!

Well I was really motivated but I do own another business on the side and I was finding myself spending too much times on the machine (and the 3D printer) rather than dealing with the business that actually makes a profit.

I think I went too small also, a HAAS machine would have been best, not having a tool changer is a motivation killer in my case.

The Nomad can mill aluminum greatly but at some expenses thought, mostly of which is time, indeed.

I come from Software programming and Marketing, things goes much faster in your way in this field. Learning basic mechanics while learning CNCs was quite a step lol.

@robgrz did a blog post on buying a Haas:

per they start at $20,995

Just the tool changer for a Tormach is more than a Nomad:

I think your learning curve for a HASS or Tormach would have been significantly steeper not to mention the cost of a mistake that could have cost as much as a Nomad. Having a paperweight worth 10 times as much can seriously affect one’s budget.

I have no regret having bought the Nomad, even if I didn’t do much with it I learned a lot and it’s been fun at the beginning, it was a great way to get a first step into the CNC industry.

Going straight from nothing to an HAAS, yeah I would agree it would be intimidating. I would buy a HAAS with confidence now, I wouldn’t have before I got my hands on the Nomad.

I’d avoid TORMACH as they are made in China, the tool changer isn’t stable at all, you can see it vibrating while it’s changing tools inside their videos, this isn’t so inspiring and their QC process/support is somewhat crazy not good as I saw.

I didn’t have the space for buying an industrial CNC anyway.

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Still up up for sale!

Price lowered to 2800€.

I won’t go lower anytime soon that’s for sure! Grab it up while it’s still available, tons of free accessories comes with it.

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Everything is still up for sale.

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