Nomad 883 Pro - Need to stop spindle during job

I have had the Nomad 883 Pro for about 4 years. Works great. I use it for cutting out sterling silver jewelry components that I use in my work.

There are times during a run where one of the small parts is picked up by the end mill and spins as the cutting continues. This generally happens when it is cutting a small hole in the part, approximately 1mm in diameter. The tip of the end mill doesn’t release the part so it spins on the tip of the end mill and continues on. I can’t safely take the part off the spindle when this happens unless I stop the machine. When this happens I the end the program, remove the part from the end mill and then start the program from the beginning.

I was wondering if there was a way to stop the spindle during a job so that the part could be removed?

Appreciate any help.

The pause button retracts the head and eventually turns the spindle off, might be able to make a giant red button to hit that sends that command to the board? The 3 has an interlock where if the door opens it acts as the pause basically. I wonder if something similar could be wired up for the 883 pro? I know the OG 883 had an e-stop button, but can’t find (currently) how to remake that functionality going forward. @WillAdams may know (sorry I keep paging you Will). I’ll keep searching though.

Edit: @nwallace did one for a contest. Big red button shut off the machine, above the big red button sent pause: Community challenge #15: Workshop accessory (closed) - #28 by nwallace

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I believe this functionality is the Feed-hold pin.

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So it’s a possibility? That would be so cool.

I guess I have never waited for the spindle to stop once I hit pause. Any idea how long I would need to wait?

If another option is a Big Red Button, I conceivably could wire it in place with instructions and availability?

This would be so awesome.

Thank you.

I think ~ 3-5 seconds? Next time a job is running hit the pause button in carbide motion. Job pauses and the spindle retracts and stops.
I think the big red button was a power off switch. As far as instructions go, I’m not sure if there are any written up, but it’s a feature I like for the 3 so I may try and emulate it on the 883 pro and I’ll share what I do.

I know mine has been paused for that length of time and the spindle hasn’t stopped. I will try with my next run and see how long it takes. It would be great if that becomes an option for me.

Appreciate any info on the big red button once you have it.


You are correct, the big red button is an E-stop that kills the power to both the router and machine. The pause button is just connected to the feed hold pins on the control board.

For the E-stop, you just need to get a normally closed version of that type of switch. I had a link to one in that original post. You then wire one side of both outlets through it so that it breaks the circuit when you smash the button in an emergency.

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It should definitely stop. I have the same machine and mine does stop when you hit pause.

Perhaps it’s worth looking at your Carbide Motion version and make sure it is up to date? If not, definitely contact Carbide 3D support to get it sorted out. A working “pause” button will be the simple solution for your problem.

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Thanks Gerry!

I will definitely update my version of Carbide Motion because I know it’s been a while.

I greatly appreciate everyone’s help. One of the best forums I’ve been in for sure.

Thank you again!

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Huge thanks to Brandon Lee of the Carbide Support team.

I upgraded my firmware and installed Carbide Motion 5. Awesome.

Spindle stops when paused. Just what I needed.

And for those who may wonder where the Z switch is on the Nomad Pro, Brandon helped me locate it and I took these photos of its location.

Thanks again all!


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