Nomad 883 Pro - New in Box - For Sale - Los Angeles

Hey all, ordered a few months ago a Nomad 883 Pro - HDPE. It’s still new in the box, I never got around to using it and now I have some home repairs I need to do and could really use the cash instead. I won’t be able to get around to using this for a while so looking to sell it. Located in Los Angeles area. Asking $2,500 locally if possible, again it is brand new (purchasing new it costs about $2,850 after taxes and shipping). If interested please reply here and I can contact you. Thanks.

Actually I can pay for insured UPS shipping for this if anyone elsewhere is interested. Again new in box as it comes from Carbide3d…receipt included. Just save yourself a few hundred and the wait if buying soon. Can also drop me a line at armando95 at the ol’ gee-mail. Thanks.

$2350 shipped insured?

Interested–do you accept paypal or check or ??

Hi Brad, a check would be preferable, as paypal would charge me fees around $75…where are you? The unit is still in my office in Santa Monica from when it was delivered, but I live in the Long Beach area so I could take it there or anywhere in between if you want to meet up.

OK if someone wants to do paypal I can eat the fees…still new in box at $500 savings from new…

The Nomad is sold now.