Nomad 883 Pro Vise Model?

Hey team!

I’m looking to migrate from using double sided tape to using the vise, as I’ve had a few of my end mills get pretty gummed up and I’m always a little scared that it won’t hold properly (the tape).

Does anyone have a 3D model of the vise? IIRC, in Fusion 360, which is what I’m using, if you have a model of your fixture, you can specify it as a fixture and then during simulation, check for collisions.

(If this isn’t the right way to avoid collisions please feel free to educate me! I am new to CNC about a month so still very green)


Yes, that is the right way to avoid collisions. I have models for most of my fixturing devices, but I do not have the nomad vise. someone else might, though. If not, it should be easy to model.

Yes, see:

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