Nomad 883 Problem

My new nomad 883 has absolutely NO horsepower… it chatters and stalls even in soft pine.

I thought I’d ask here, since I have to wait for four hours to call the manufacturer directly…

Is this normal? Should I be able to completely stall out the cutter by touching the shaft? This just doesn’t seem right at all.

Doesn’t sound right. Should be able to take a fairly deep cut (1/8" should be pretty easy) and keep on cutting. What RPM are you using? Feed rate?

I had the same problem. I contacted Carbide and they sent me a new board and pulley. Works great now.


1/8" two flute carbide, 3500 rpm, 3 ipm feed rate… the higher I go, the quicker it bogs down.

Trichardson… I will definitely give them a call.

Thanks guys!

It could be the Motor, but it could additionally be that 3500 RPM is very low.

For Pine, the DOC is .03" and the RPM is 4500 at 72 IPM

Heres the Nomad Feeds and Speeds Chart:

That immediately stalls the motor when the tool touches the part.
I’m playing email & phone tag with the manufacturer… I sure hope they don’t give me a runaround. I paid a lot of money for a glorified paperweight if that’s the case.

They’re better than that. They can be a little hard to get a hold of sometimes, but they really are great about getting this sort of thing fixed.

Hi James,
I did get your message, thank you.
Jorge emailed you regarding the board.
Sorry for the inconvenience,but we will get you cutting soon.

Say Hello to Sam for me.

Thanks! Got the email… working with Jorge now :slight_smile: I am already much happier! Sam isn’t at work yet… part-time and all LOL