Nomad 883 threaded table

Does anyone have experience with the threaded tables being sold by Rio Grande for the Nomad 883? They have a price of $100 and appear the same as those once offered by Carbide 3D.

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How very interesting. The photo on the Rio site is identical to the one on the C3D store site.

Rio Grande is a reseller for Carbide 3D, so those threaded tables are the same ones which we sell (and I believe make on our Haas).

Great, since Carbide 3D is still sold out after almost 2 months, and you’re saying these ARE the same, then situation solved.

Yep. I feel pretty silly not knowing that they were still in stock there.

FYI, As of 1/22/18 they still had 4 threaded tables in stock for the Nomad 883.

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