Nomad 883 Won't Go Through Homing Cycle

I have an 883 Classic Nomad that refuses to initialize the homing sequence.

I recently had to switch to a new laptop, and after downloading CM, I can’t seem to get the machine to respond. It doesn’t even attempt to move along any axis.

I know there are some discussions on here about checking switches on the control board, but I’m a dummy when it comes to that stuff, and couldn’t even tell you where the control board is on my machine to check those. Would someone be able to hold my hand through it?

I’ve attached some photos of the errors I’ve received, along with the back of my machine, in case someone takes pity on me and wants to explain it like I’m 5.

When you load cm on a new machine you must send the config. Most of the config is setting up cm.

Thank you! At least now it has started to home, but the table gets stuck during the cycle and makes this terrible sound, and then some other errors pop up. I think I may have dislodged something when moving it? Any advice?

Video of issue: Streamable Video

No expert here on the 883 (883 Pro model here) but that to my eye looks like the limit switch is not being triggered. And the table is moving in the wrong direction? I would expect it to move towards the front like the 883 pro, but maybe the original 883 moves to the back? Maybe take a look underneath and see where the limit switch is and make sure when the table reaches the correct end (whichever one that is) it makes contact with the switch before hitting something.


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