Nomad 883: Y-Axis stepper not moving [SOLVED]

My Nomad stopped half way through a job (cutting xps) and the Y-axis stopped responding. I E-stopped and verified that the gantry wasn’t pinched, and the motor shaft is fine as well. When a jog starts the Stepper will chirp, however it doesn’t spin. It needs a bit more troubleshooting, but if you have any comments or suggestions I’m all ears.

Next to troubleshoot

  • The motor controller output (putting a different stepper at the output)

I’ve been trying to find the documentation on the arduino shield motor control board. Does anyone know where to get these resources?

  • Motor output failure

The stepper was swapped with a spare, and the problem persists. The Y-axis is not getting the correct output.

Next to troubleshoot

  • Swapping axis

-Successful Y-Axis output, Failure X-Axis output.

The X-axis was slotted into the Y-axis output and it drove the X-axis just fine. However the Y-Axis was slotted into the X-axis and failed to drive the Y-axis. This points that there is a failure between the motor and connector.

Next to troubleshoot

  • Checking continuity of each stepper phase

-No kinks-brakes in the cable

There are no visible brakes in the cable or connector. I wasn’t able to probe the ports since the cable goes directly into the stepper. The next steps I can make is replace the stepper, however I’m still open to other suggestions. Does anyone know the make/model of the steppers? I know it’s a NEMA-17, however not sure about the voltage/steps and would prefer to find an exact replacement. Would THIS be a suitable replacement?

Next to troubleshoot

  • replace stepper

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the awesome troubleshooting. Shoot us an email to support@carbide and we’ll send you a replacement.



Y-Axis stepper shaft had been sheared from the motor. Here is the symptoms of the stepper, the solution is to simply get a new Nema-17.