Nomad case question

Quick question if the back of the case is removed can you mill longer pieces of plastic? Sorry if this has been asked and i missed it

you can leave the front cover up

Thanks Dr _g but can you work on something over 8inch longe?

it depends what you are doing

You could put a piece longer than 8" but the travel distance of the table is still your limiting factor in terms of what you can mill (and it’s about 8"). If you had a 12" long piece of stock but just wanted to carve on the first 8" of it, I don’t see why you couldn’t put it in.

Kjl-Thanks that is what I was hoping

@Travis, you could add a “cat flap” like shown around 1:20-2:00 of video

Thanks great video. I just need to do some work that’s over 8in long