Nomad Classic Z Axis motor swap

So got in the correct motor today.
Am trying to install it.

Removed the bearing (think that’s what it is) inserted gear through top of frame and for the life of me cannot compress the spring enough to get it together.
(Keep in mind I’m, new. First machine) and am extremely anxious to just cut after spending this type of money and having a 68lb paper weight…
If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated!

(Work 7 days a week and commute 90 minutes mon-fri)
((Took a day off to have a 10 min call with a technician))

Please help!:grin:

It looks to me like that Anti-backlash nut is upside down but doesn’t look it will fit in the top of the Z.

To properly assemble the nut you’ll want to remove the lead screw. Then compress all the nut parts together and thread in the lead screw. The smaller piece should have two flats that interlock with the brass section and should be 100% inside when assembled right.

Let me try to find some photos. We’ll figure this out! edit couldn’t find anything on the phone but I’ll be back tomorrow in the garage and can do an assembly video if you need.

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Appreciate the reply!
Still can’t seem to get to go in with the tension of the spring…
Am running on fumes and will try tomorrow

No worries. When you have time next, try flipping the smaller nut section, that’s how mine were.

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Flipped it and tried and still no luck. Did definitely fit better this way. Just getting the spring compressed with the grease a pain in the ass lol

Back at it after work tomorrow :sleeping:

Make sure to keep in touch with Carbide 3D support about this. They should be able to schedule a phone call with you and walk you through what you need to do over the phone.


Heres a quick vid of anti backlash nut disassembly and reassembly forwards and backwards. My apologies for sounding tired, its been a wild 24 hours lol.

After proper assembly, the nut should bolt into the z carriage pretty easily if the nut is compatible. Hopefully this helps.


Thank you!!
I need to see it from another angle :man_facepalming:
About to test the machine!:crossed_fingers:


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