Nomad CNC always needs homing, can't manually align zero with grbl

Any particular reason for requiring a homing cycle every time i visit the ‘jog’ page of Carbide Motion?
Lets say, I home it and it succeeds. Then I go to the ‘info’ page or the ‘MDI’ page, and do nothing else, then go back to ‘jog’, it always wants to home again. This, compounded with the ‘probing cycle failed’ problem that i posted about earlier, is keeping me from getting much done.

I would like to be able to ‘jog’ to a particular position using the MDI page, sending it a grbl command, and then go back to the ‘jog’ page to ‘set zero’ on that position, but i can’t do that if it constantly wants to re-home the system when i do that.

Any tips here?