Nomad & CNC Newbie

Hello all. I’m new to CNC and just got the Nomad 883 Pro this week. I have done some successful milling with wood and want to try cutting 2D flat stock metal (brass, copper and silver) now. Can you share what metal gauges, cutters, feed and speed rates and depth information that have worked for you? I would like to use the .032 and .063 end mills but can’t find feed and speed rates and depth info for them. Only can find info for the .125 cutters. Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated!

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For brass and copper I use Plunge rate 170 m/m , Feederate 400 m/m or more 10% / 20% and depth 0.07 mm. whit 0.063" cutter . And I use Alcohol for coolant to and the cuts are better .


Carbide Create auto-calculates feeds and speeds for the materials which it lists, and these work well on the Nomad (albeit are rather conservative). One thing to do is to start with those numbers, then use the technique at: to arrive at optimal numbers for your endmill, material, and machine setup (incl. workholding).

Or, just get G-Wizard.

There are some more feeds and speeds in saved .tps files collected at: (if anyone has any to add, please let us know). The community has further notes at: and I’m adding @JoseD3’s numbers now.


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