Nomad doesn't start where supposed to

Newbie here. Please see photo of my problem. The green dot at the very bottom was my zero and the black dot is where the beginning of the cut should be. As you can see it didn’t start at that spot. When I setup the cut in CC, I have the bottom left corner of the cut beginning at X.25 and Y.25. At the point of where I zeroed in CM, I measured exactly .25 up and .25 over. My thoughts were this would be where the cut would begin. So, why didn’t it start at that exact spot. Precision is a huge factor for my work. If I have a workpiece already cut and need to put it back in the machine to do engraving at a later date, then I need it to begin EXACTLY where I say +/- a very small margin.


I believe this is a mis-understanding.

The origin of the cut will be the red/white circle symbol at the bottom corner of the drawing on your computer symbol — verify this by changing the origin in Carbide Create.

I thought the green dot at the top left of CC along with the measurements for X, Y was the calculated distance of your workpiece from the dot you chose. So, are you saying the red/white dot on the graph should be where I move the bottom corner of my sketch?

The red/white dot is where the origin will be for that drawing when it is cut. FWIW, this is the standard symbol for origin. You can adjust where it appears using the Job Setup pane.

The green dot signifies the reference point which is to be used when moving a selected path.

OK, thank you. I will play around with it some more.:relieved: