Nomad falls asleep

Milling a PCB with some nc files containing over 10,000 lines (silk layer). Twice in two days Nomad simply stops where it is with the spindle continuing to run while Carbide Motion shows that it is not connected to a cutter. In a pinch, I can guestimate where it left off within a few hundred lines and chop down the nc file and restart.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Could this be a loss of connection due to EMI? Contact w/ the details and we’ll do our best to work through this w/ you.

I don’t know. It could possibly be due to a 15’ USB cable, but it’s good quality, and in all three cases it didn’t disconnect until about 40 minutes into the job. It’s not critical. I’ll contact support once I have a few more similar situations.

USB cables longer than 6’ are not supported. Please try again using a cable which is that length or shorter.

Some folks have been successful using an active/repeater cable, or by interposing a powered USB hub in-between two suitably short cables, but neither is supported.