Nomad flip jig with SO3

Hi guys.
I’m new and considering buying a SO3.
For a while I was considering between Nomad and SO3, but my wife really wants a larger cutting surface and therefore the small SO3 it is! Happy wife, happy life :slight_smile:
However I really want a flip jig capability.
I’m already sold on getting the SO3 threaded table with the first purchase anyway - for rigidity and all round value. However I am not clear on whether the nomad threaded table could be mounted on the SO3 threaded table and whether the Nomad flip jig would be mountable on that?
I understand that I would also need to get a homing switch also - Which I will get.
So the ideal for me would be that I would get a SO3 with threaded table and nomad threaded table alongside a homing switch and nomad flipjig - and be able to assemble this into a useful configuration to do 2 sided CNC work.
All opinions are welcome!
Help :slight_smile: and thank you

Worst case is you drill and tap matching holes.

In which case do you think, there is no need to buy the nomad threaded table?
Also - saw this great technique - would this mean that flip jib could be unnecessary if working with wood/hardwood?
Again - all thoughts welcome

The threaded tables are excellent upgrades: convenient, accurate and precise, economical of Z-height.

You won’t regret buying one.

The technique shown is profligate and wasteful of wood.

Thank you Will :slight_smile:Appreciate your speedy response.
Just to make sure you understand what I was thinking - I was wondering if I can screw the Nomad threaded onto the SO3 table and then the Nomad jig onto that? As it seems that the nomad jig doesn’t fit the SO3 threaded table

Yes. All the flip jig needs is a holes in-line with an axis.