Nomad keeps asking for a differant tool?

Im trying to program a pocket, I build my pocket size and depth in carbide create program to use the #102 square mill, all looks good. I then save my Gcode and open in Carbide Motion. Zero the nomad then start the job, at that point it ask me to insert the #102 cutter, its measures the tool, starts up then stops and tell me to insert a diff tool? Am i missing a step that locks in my tool i actually want? Man i hope this makes sense!

Can you post a screen shot of the top 20 lines of your GCode (or a link to your GCode) so we can read and fix your problem.

Rich thank you but I actually figured it out. I was saving the wrong tool path. I knew if i sat here long enough and went over my steps enough times id figure something I missed.

Awesome, I’m glad you found the error.

BTW: We call that PEBKAC!

(Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)