Nomad Made: Thank Yous for Out Going Cub Scout Leaders

Here are some Thank You Mementos that I made for our Webelos Den Leader and Assistant Cub Masters. All three are leaving our Cub Scout Pack after many years of dedicated service.

The backs of all:

The fronts:

Yes I am really digging the lithophane. I have a custom 7"x7" box that I make that holds a 6"x6" candlestone plate that has a 5.5"x5.5" image. These are poplar frames and stained oak ply back plates with a clear coat. 42 LEDs, 3528 in size, 6000K color.


Wow, very good work. Did you rely on a specific program for the lithophane technique? Again, very good work!

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Did you use photoVcarve for this work? It’s really interesting. I have photovcarve and I will try it sometime.

Great job though!

I take the photo into Paint.Net (free windows app comparible to photoshop), crop it to size, convert it to black and white, adjust contrast if necessary, save as a bitmap.

Go to MeshCAM, open the file, set the image size to x=5.5", y=5.5", z=0.2"

Set the stock to x=6", y=6", z=0.25", click lock stock, then set top of stock gap to 0.

I set my work zero next, I use the top of the spoil for z=0.

I run carbide tool wizard. 0.125" ball mill rough only, leaving .02"

I run carbide tool wizard 0.063" ball mill x parallel, no angle limit

If their are areas that I want to highlight, such as the neckerchief, patches, and stars in the flag in the middle photo, I set machining regions around those areas and run an x parallel with no angle limit with a 0.032" ball or a 15° vee bit

as an Eagle Scout i must say, “well done and well-deserved”.

thank you for supporting the Scouts.