Nomad maintenance

I’m now using my nomad pro on a daily basis between 2 and 4 hours to get my ship frames complete.

There are a few high pitch noises coming frame the y movement, does the nomad need oiling? I am jus wondering what maintenance I should be carrying out?

It doesn’t effect it’s operation still working great.

Thanks Tim

P.s. once all frames are cut out I will update my previous post about the ship build

We have a page on this here:

If it’s actually gotten to the point of making noise, I would worry that you would need to clean with a solvent first — but I don’t know the specifics of the materials involved, so can’t suggest a chemically compatible one — probably it’ll just be okay if you follow the above directions, and use a lint-free clean cloth to start, and repeat the lubrication and wiping process until the cloth remains reasonably clean.

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Great thank you I will have a read :blush: