Nomad moving to the garage

So, I am having to run my nomadpro in the garage, what precautions should I take when not using it. In regards to the motors and circuit board with respect to cold and damp?

It doesn’t get too cold in the UK about -3 at night it pretty bad. Its just the dampness I am worried about, my garage is well built thought.



The concern about this sort of thing in the past has been condensation on the electronics.

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You can do a couple things about damp.

A simple solution is to place a low wattage light bulb or heater (like for a lizard cage) inside the enclosure to keep it warm and dry it out.

There are also fancier, more expensive ways to remove humidity including reusable desiccant packs.

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thanks guys, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Mine lives in the garage full time in Minnesota, USA. It’s usually < 10C in there during the winter, sometimes lower. The hot cars parked in there, protected on 3 sides by the house, it doesn’t get too cold. I heat the garage when I’m working out there. I haven’t had any “untoward” condensation or other issues with any of the gear out there.