Nomad: My First Project

Hello Everyone,
My first project with my shiny new Nomad Pro !
I carved it from a small piece of “Bois de Violette” (Dalbergia cearensis). The wood has a strong purple tone with some yellow stripes on the back.
The project is a gift for a friend, for whom I have begun to build a custom tube amplifier for his cello.

I used the #101 .125" Ball Cutter for the roughing pass, and a 0.80mm two-flute flat cutter for finishing. I think my settings were a bit aggressive, with a feedrate of 1000mm/min for the 0.8mm bit. It took about two hours to mill, and I am very happy with the result.

Tell me what you think !


Great results for your first part,
:sunglasses: and very nice photos as well.

Custom amp? Keep us posted!

fantastic work — thank you for sharing this!