Nomad not probing length after tool change

Hello, I have just started using the Nomad 3 for work. I am working on a piece that requires multiple tool changes, but since I am inexperienced with CNC, I ran the code without any material to verify that the code was working the way I wanted it to. It all works great, except I noticed that when there is a tool change, the machine does not probe the length of the new tool. Am I missing something in my code? If so, how do I put this in carbide create?

Which CAD/CAM tool are you using?

What post-processor?

Are the tool #s different for the two tools?

If you are using carbide create be sure to select Shapeoko/nomad post processor. If it is set to gbrl or generic gcode you wont get any tool change prompts.


This fixed my issue. I had never heard of a post processor, so I didn’t mess with it and never thought to change it. Thank you!

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