Nomad Pro parts on 883.1?

Good afternoon,
I have just purchased a good condition 883.1 and I would like to know if the accessories for the Pro (threaded table, vice, and flip cart) will fit on the 883.1 Y-carriage?

I would also love to know what the differences are between the 883.1 and the Pro. Here in this forum I con only find one topic about this, but it doesn’t seem to answer the question other than talking about the e-stop switch. I believe my 883.1 (it is still en-route to me) has belted X and Y axes, where the Pro has lead-screws, and I see that the cutting head is mirrored between the two devices. Other than that, i can’t seem to figure out any other differences.

This is my first post here - I am new to Carbide 3D, and new to personal milling machines in general. I am an ME and have been designing parts for injection molding and machining for the last 15 years, but I am new to programming my own paths and making my own chips, so I apologize in advance for my ignorance :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

The beds are the same with regard to supporting the existing accessories.

The 883.1 has belts on x/y vs screws on the pro.

The spindle holder is mirrored and the tool probe location moved.

Some of the rotating mass was upped to add to the inertial momentum of the pro.

That’s about all that changed.

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Thanks, FlatBaller!
I assume the mirroring of the spindle carrier is due to the mounting of the leadscrew nut in the back, since I can’t imagine another reason to do that. I can live with the lighter rotating mass, i assume, by taking smaller bites, which I would do due to the belts anyway.
I wonder, do you know if any of the Pro components are available as spares - X carriage/spindle holder or the spindle?

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