Nomad Pro Set Up, Cannot Move the Table Forward

I’m following the set up instructions: and got to the step for installing the MDF wasteboard. I am unable to pull the table to the front of the machine to install the wasteboard. The table is not moving. What am I missing? Thanks.

If the machine is on, the table won’t move by hand. If you turn off the machine, it should be possible to easily move the table (in/out) and the spindle (up/down).

The machine is not on. I didn’t connect the power yet.

Did you clip the zip ties on the bottom that hold the table in place during shipping?

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Yes, I did cut those.

It does take a fairly firm push to get it going. You’re pushing linearly against a screw drive.

Ok, Thanks Mark! That did the trick. I was just concerned about using too much force. Appreciate your help.