Nomad set up and first cuts – I love it!

I’ve gotten my Nomad set up, added lights and a camera done my first test cuts.

So far, I’ve cut renshape, HDPE, acrylic and aluminium and the Nomad is – in a word – awesome!
I love that I can do everything in Fusion 360 and then run the gcode on the Nomad.

Now I just need to find some good suppliers of endmills and materials in Europe. I’ve bought a couple of endmills from Sorotec (seems good, fast delivery – I recommend them) but if anyone knows of other shops, I’d love to hear about them.

Anyway, this was just your standard, “I’ve gotten my Nomad, and I love it” post :slight_smile:


We’ve tried to list vendors here:

Is that the camera I see attached near the spindle? If so, what sort of camera is it? Looks interesting!

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Yes, it is. It is a small drone FPV camera – this one: RunCam 650TVL.

Here’s a frame from the video (I need to add a better “spot” light):