Nomad Showing its Age

2020 was suppose to be off to a great start with the the construction and assembly of the ZetaCNC. I’m using my trusty Nomad to machine parts to get the Zeta up and running, however on the first cut in 6061 aluminum the spindle motor driver bit the dust halfway through the operation. In trying to trouble shoot the spindle motor driver, the Z-axis limit switch decided to go bad. Now I can’t even test the spindle anymore because the machine wont initialize and get to the Jog tab without going through a homing cycle (which fails as the Z-axis crashes into the top plate because the Z-axis homing switch died.)

I have emails into support for both items, but no response resolution yet. Support did respond quickly to ask me the age of my machine and the serial number, but after I responded that it was 3 years old I have not received a follow up. Hopefully they get this resolved tomorrow. ZetaCNC is ready to be born. If this Nomad keeps breaking down on me, I may have to hit @Vince.Fab up for some time on one of his machines. :rofl: Hook a fellow Austin maker up Vince.

Time to try another sender?
$X and jog all you want.


Interesting to see what wore out first! Hope your motor driver issues are resolved!

Big shout out to the Carbide 3D support team for getting me a replacement motor driver board and new z-axis homing switch. Top notch response out of the team. The Nomad is back up and running and I’ve already cut the first parts on it tonight.


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