Nomad: Spindle moved [FIXED]

Hello Everyone,

I just received my Nomad, and it is very impressive.
I have started with a few test pieces on wood, and I wanted to move on to brass.
I think I set the feedrate too high (I followed the instructions on but I am still a beginner…). The spindle stopped during the job in the middle of the stock when it was cutting too fast I guess. Being in front of the Nomad, I stopped it quickly to avoid further damage.
The tool was intact, but I have noticed the upper belt is misaligned. I never checked this alignment before, so I don’t know if this incident is responsable for it.
It seems the whole spindle assembly is 5mm too low, but I am not so sure ! (I can’t upload another picture yet)

What should I do ?

Thank you for your help


You should be able to turn things by hand, then loosen the set screw on the right-most pulley, shift it up, then re-tighten it.

Probably a 1.5mm or 1/16" Allen wrench/hex key will work.

Ok I will try, thanks !

Might then need to re-tension the belt — not sure how that’s done though.

I have also noticed that the spindle seems lower than usual :

@jeremydahan, your two symptoms are related. The spindle cartridge has dropped. Rather than moving the pulley on the spindle, loosen the large clamp screw to the right of the Carbide nameplate, seat the spindle cartridge up against the stop rib, and re-tighten the clamp screw. It was possibly not tightened enough to begin with, allowing the spindle to drop.


Yeah, seeing the whole picture, Randy is correct and my suggestion was the wrong way to approach this problem.

Please don’t mess w/ the set screw beyond ensuring that it’s tight.

Ok everything is fixed, thanks a lot !