Nomad stops dead after change of tool

I’ve been running a 7 hour job and after the first tool has changed the nomad seems to stop dead after a few seconds.

Could it be the toolpath?

So many possibilities, so a start…

What software chain are you using? What do you mean “stop dead”? It starts the tool and begins moving on the toolpath? the machine only does tool length probing? not even that?

One thing that can help narrow it down, and allow recovery, is break the job up into seperate parts for each tool.

hi thanks for the reply.

I am using Meshcam to create the tool path and Carbide to run the tool path. It goes through all the tool length probing loads the file runs the roughing tool path fine, when I get to changing to the second tool it starts to run then stops after 2 or 3 seconds.

The machine is in my garage and its been -3 degrees C here but today is a lot warmer. I normally run the job each separate parts but this time I tried to be clever and run the entire job in one.

It could be my laptop, I will run a 2 hour job and see what happens.



It does probe the second tool, start the spindle, and start to cut? Or it probes, starts the spindle, then stops before moving? Or it probes and stops? Or it starts to probe and stops? Or…

When you do the tool change, and acknowledge it in Carbide Motion, does the job stop from the sender end? or does CM look like it is still trying to do its thing? I have mistakenly aborted jobs in CM (I have some tics and twitches), but it is clear on the sender screen what happened.

I ask, because it is a bit weird to get through the first tool fine.

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Hi yes it did run the second tool for a couple of seconds but I also think my laptop is on the blink. But the main problem i think was the tool path code, as I’ve just run a 1 hour job with the same tool changes fine.

If it happens again I will let you know. The thank you for your help.

How do I mark this post as solved… for now anyway.

Thanks again Tim

I don’t think there is an actual lock or solved flag option.

I wish I (or someone else) could have been more actually useful. It does sound like your computer. CM with MeshCam is pretty good at not crashing, though you may get interesting results from meshcam with models that have undercuts if you are not careful.

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