Nomad turned its self off?


I was roughing a piece of wood on my nomad pro on the garage. I came back out to it and found the power had cut off from both the machine and the power supply.

I have run this part many times before.

Any ideas to why it turned off?

Thanks Tim

Does it turn back on?

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If I push the machine too hard sometimes the spindle stalls which results in the PC reading a communication error and the job stopping. If this is what happened, perhaps the bit is getting dull and and/or got snagged in a knot?


When you say the power supply, that makes me think either a circuit breaker tripped or a bad power supply? If the power supply wasn’t working the machine wouldn’t work by default, so I’d say the problem would be at or before the power supply. You try plugging something else into the same socket? if whatever it is operates, but the nomad wont. I’d start looking at the power supply as the issue.

Hi guys thanks for the reply.

After about an hour I tried turning it all back on, and it came on.

I think the power supply may be in it’s way out, and also the bit maybe getting blunt.

Which UK power supply would make a good replacement as there are loads out there?



The community has notes on this sort of thing at: — but it’s focused on the Shapeoko, and I don’t know if any of the listings are compatible with the Nomad (I know that a Nomad power supply will work for a Shapeoko though).

If you can’t find one, please send us a line at and we’ll try to work out how to best get you one.

Blow the dust out of it.

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