Nomad users in Seattle

Hi Guys, I am completely new to CNC machining and am very interesting in purchasing a Nomad. I was hoping to get a chance to try one out or at least see one in action before I make the purchase.

Is there anyone in the Seattle area who has one that would be willing to let me check it out?


The UW School of Oceanography has a Shapeoko3 if you want to see that. We are novices too.

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Is the shapeoko the same workflow as the nomad?

Yes, the machines use the same firmware (Grbl) and the same control software (Carbide Motion — though there are a number of other options to choose from).

Major usage/workflow difference is the Nomad being more convenient w/ a built-in spindle, directly controlled by the machine for on/off and RPM, and having a tool length sensor. Also it bundling MeshCAM (extra purchase for the SO3).

Brandon, I have a Nomad 883 Pro you’re welcome to look at. At the present I’m putting together a Shapeoko 3 XL that I recently purchased but we might be able to dig up something to run on the Nomad for you to watch. Live south of Seattle in Edgewood.

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