Nomad Zeroing Step Size

I am a certified watchmaker and I build high-end bespoke watches. Last year I purchased a Nomad 883 to reduce my manufacturing time and add capability. Presently I am very pleased with the the Nomad!

The latest version of Carbide Motion v4.0.428 has a minimum step size that is now larger than the previous software version. For zeroing operations on small watch parts, it is critical to zero the machine to 0.001mm. I realize that this is possibly beyond the capability of the machine or software. Is it possible to have a step size with evenly-divisible values, e.g. 0.0025, 0.005, or 0.025? This is so important to my workflow that I am willing to pay for the software upgrade.

For completeness, I have used CAD/CAM professionally for nearly 20 years, and I currently use Fusion 360 for CAD and CAM. However I have also used Catia V5, SolidWorks and MasterCAM.

Very Respectfully,
Paul R.

It looks like you’re wanting 10x more resolution than the nomad offers.


Mechanical resolution is indicated at .0005” = .0127 mm. Far from the .001 mm you desire.


Agreed, but even a controllable step size of 0.01mm, which was in the previous software version, would be better than the current minimum step size.

Very Respectfully,
Paul R.

I think we’ll probably make the step size configurable in the near-ish future. (Once we get through the current Carbide Create code push)



Thank you Sir. I certainly appreciate it.

Very Respectfully,
Paul R.

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