Nomads for Sale?

I’m on the lookout for a nomad so if anyone is looking to sell I’m wanting to buy.
Thank you

I have a lightly used one purchased in 2018 for sale due to space & time constraints. I am in the San Diego area. It includes the threaded table upgrade and the Nomad Endmill Starter Pack, as well as a few other endmills. I modified the unit to allow a dust control vacuum to be attached. Where are you located? What could you offer me for the unit?

I live in the UK, I’m interested if your willing to ship? I have about $2500

Initial estimates for shipping are quite expensive, $1000 or more. That is too much to make this a consideration. Sorry.

No problem, thanks for looking into it for me. I would go higher but it’s $3000 for the brand new machine straight from carbide3d, so think I’ll just save more or see if 1 pops up in the uk

Thank you

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