Non-Uniform Scale. Select Origin

Sometimes I’d like to scale a feature in one direction only.

Currently entering an X or Y value forces the other to update as well.

And the scale operation currently only scales from the geometric center of the selection.
It would be cool to specify the origin that objects are being scaled from. i.e. the point that remains stationary.

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At this time, this can only be done by dragging the control handles when the Scale tool is active and there is no option other than opposite corner/edge.

Ah, I didn’t know about the drag a side or corner thing. Still troublesome if you’re looking for a specific numeric scale and the grids are problematic to line up.

It is odd that if you drag a side, the Target Size updates as I would expect. But if I type in the target size the aspect ratio is maintained. Maybe just a checkbox (default ON) to maintain aspect ratio??

Origin is usually an easy workaround to just move it after scaling it.

I support this request. Many times I enter my length and am frustrated that it then automatically adjusts my length without the ability to override. I then close, undo, select the scale function again and try and drag to my exact requirements (quite hard for small / irregular values, or with nodes close to others).

A Lock Aspect Ratio check-box would be a very useful feature for me.

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