Noob question about my first 3D carve

Okay I’m trying out my first 3D carve on my XXL. Just a simple design I picked up off Etsy for cheap. I’m using V Carve Pro and I have setup 1) Roughing Pass 2) Finishing Pass 3) Profile Cut Out. Basic stuff really. My dumb question of the day… the roughing pass is complete and I’m changing out my tool for the finishing pass. Obviously I need to reset the Z height for the new tool, but do I set the Z off of the original height of the material or do I need to set Z based off of something that has been carved down inside the roughing pass? Hope that makes sense. I’m assuming I should base it off of the original material depth, but just want to make sure I’m thinking about this right. Advise?

If you used the same work offset origin for both the Rough and Finish passes (guessing so from your vcarve picture), then you would use the same z-origin used to zero your first tool/pass for the second tool. Which I am again gonna guess the top of your material/stock (can’t tell from the vcarve pic)

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I believe I used the same for all 3 setups. I’ll double check first though. Thank you!

When you originally set up your job in V-carve, there was a setting for the zero, either top of stock or bottom of stock/wasteboard. Whatever you set that to is where you want to zero it for every operation.

So whatever bit you zeroed on for the roughing operation, will be the same for the finish and profile. :ok_hand:

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