Noobie cut file confirmation algorithm

After calibrating and finding my Z axis is within o.3 degrees off vertical, I decided that cutting a full complex project is higher priority than perfection vertical, because I don’t have a machinist square that I trust. This project is only 5mm material (wood) and I’ll probably be okay. But my Z axis was still cutting way off (air cuts) . I discovered that the 3D file I svg’d had many items at different levels on the Z axis. Their heights were not all at zero. I had exploded the items and deleted them down to single line outlines but somehow I didn’t see their heights on the Z plane. So naturally the Shapeoko did exactly what I told it to and tried to cut them at the height they were at in the drawing. It IS a wonderful and obedient machine. Maybe what Carbide3D needs to program is an algorithm that will notify the new operators that they are programming exactly what they want but not where they want it. This may require another probe input pin into the controller board which will connect to the operator’s chair, then the system will know when the operator is processing thoughts through his … and not his brain.
Otherwise it may simply be a matter of the noobie operator to add to the “Machine Check List” a question; Is the drawing on one level plane or scattered about throughout the entire z axis, and is that what you really want?
This seems funny and is intentionalised to be humorous, but when the Z axis cuts weird and changes cut heights without warning, it simply might be obeying your commands and you are the one that is wrong and not something wrong with the machine (as in my case). To paraphrase another member “Relax, it is a wonderful design”.